Drum Scanning

Scanning Service

High-Res Drum Scanning
A scan from a Drum Scanner is demonstrably superior in all respects to a flatbed scanner. Oiling the transparencies has been repeatedly documented to be the best way to avoid dust and scratches. It can take up to an hour to remove dust and scratches from a typical scan resulting from a flatbed scanner.
Scans are saved as 16 bit RGB Tiff files with ProPhotoRGB embedded ICC Profile.

Scans can also be custom converted to any CMYK ICC Profile.

Our lab is equipped with multiple Scanners to cover all of your Scanning needs:

Howtek 4500 Drum Scanner (Positive Transparencies or Reflective)
• Sony (35mm Negatives or Slides)
• Nikon Coolscan 9000 (35mm Negatives or Slides,120, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9 Film)
• Microtek 9600 (Reflective)

35 mm Color Slide up to 5x7 Print $2.00 30+ 1.75
35 mm Negative up to 5x7 Print $2.00 30+ 1.75
35 mm Color Slide 8x10 Print $8.00 11x14 or Larger $12.00
35 mm Negative 8x10 Print $8.00 11x14 or Larger $12.00
6x6, 6x7, 6x9 Neg/tran $6.00 30+ $4.00
4x5 Neg/Tran $20.00    
Color Print Scan $8.00    
B&W Print Scan $8.00